First Round Winners of YBD 2016: NEW ANALOGUE

First Round Winners of the Regional Design Competition Announced: YOUNG BALKAN DESIGNERS: NEW ANALOGUE
Participation at the Talent zone of Mikser Festival 2016, 8-12 June

Balkan Design Network announced the winners of the first round of the competition "Young Balkan Designers 2016: New Analogue" which called for design products and scenarios that are bringing human touch back into design process and manufacturing, linking them directly to materials, crafts and techniques available in the Balkan culture.

The competition received 136 projects from 13 regional countries exploring ways in which Balkan as a society can activate the value of its own cultural assets and contribute to the global debate on dehumanization of design and production process caused by hyper-efficient models of capitalist industrial and digital production and limiting usability-based approaches to design that tend to neglect other aspects of human factor - people’s personalities, their emotional responses and ideals.

First round of competition selection includes 69 winning projects whose authors come from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatian, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey, to be presented in the talent zone of Mikser Festival in Belgrade from 8th to 12th June, within the exhibition Ghost Project. Based on the exhibited functional prototypes, international Jury including Konstantin Grcic (Industrial Designer), Tomislav Knezović (Prostoria, CEO), Zoran Jedrejčić (Industrial designer), Jelena Matic (Professor at the University of Belgrade) and Nikola Radeljković (Product Designer, Numen / ForUse) will make the final selection of Young Balkan Designers whose projects will be part of the travelling exhibition touring to leading regional design events.

The new aspect of the competition that Balkan Design Network introduced this year with the aim of strengthening the link between design and manufacturing sector, will enable designers to participate in the second phase of the competition which includes the development of real products for several leading furniture manufacturers in the region.


The winning projects of the first round of the competition "Young Balkan Designers" are:

  • Ilkas Favourite by Anna Barbieri, Christian Daschek, Luis Daniel Pozo (Austria)
  • Chair 001 by Anže Sekelj, Žan Kobal (Slovenia)
  • Concept Tie by Arber Racaj, Lorik Sylejman (Kosovo)
  • Pebble Pot Family by Aristotelis Barakos (Greece)
  • Handmade Felt Carpet by Arpad Pulai (Serbia)
  • Tilsim by Berilsu Tarcan (Turkey)
  • Wireframe Bench by Bojan Mitov, Dejan Mitov, Jelena Mitov, Krsto Radovanović (Serbia)
  • Sto-lica Chair by Borjan Brankov (Serbia)
  • Fruit Bowl/ Chopping Board by Cornelia-Florina German (Romania)
  • Lighting Cloud by Cornelia-Florina German (Romania)
  • r and vass.r by NOOR: Cornelia-Florina German, Mircea Margarit (Romania)
  • Palma by Damir Krdžović (Serbia)
  • Wooden Plates by Daniel Valcelean (Romania)
  • Lale by Desislava Sredkova (Bulgaria)
  • Marginal Objects by Dijana Vojak Pokić (Croatia)
  • Kaylad-e by Dimitris Niavis (Greece)
  • Platonics Wire Furniture Family by Dimitris Niavis (Greece)
  • Book of Comparisons by Dragana Krtinić (Serbia)
  • Organic Barstool by Dušan Munćan (Serbia)
  • Low-tech Object(s) by Ema Gerovac (Croatia)
  • {trikoN} by Ema Nikolova (Macedonia)
  • From Traditional to Modern by Evgenija Zafirovska (Macedonia)
  • Chivilik Hanger by FILTER: Vedad Islambegović, Ibrica Jašarević, Kenan Vatrenjak, Nedim Mutevelić, Asmir Mutevelić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • KNAP backpack by Jovana Čavić, Selena Kostić, Senka Kostić (Serbia)
  • Tica by Jasmina Krstanović Pahić (Slovenia)
  • Modernizing Rural Shoe Crafts by Karla Paliska, Tvrtko Bojić (Croatia)
  • Desk Helper by Katarina Cuzulan (Serbia)
  • [your name here] Bag by KraftMade (Romania)
  • Workbench by Laura Mrkša (Croatia)
  • Tripod by Manda Mihai-Bogdan (Romania)
  • Dice by Manda Mihai-Bogdan (Romania)
  • Reading Ring by Maria Burachu (Romania)
  • Woodish Notebooks by Maria Burachu (Romania)
  • Homie – T by Maria Burachu (Romania)
  • Homies (2015) by Maria Burachu (Romania)
  • Creating Me Slowly by Marijana Tkalec (Croatia)
  • Evolutina by Marko Zigon (Slovenia)
  • Tvrtko by Marta Birkić (Croatia)
  • Giraffe 03/ 001 by Miha Kaučič (Slovenia)
  • Lajka Štipaljka by Milica Marić (Serbia)
  • Klupica Pufnica by Milica Marić (Serbia)
  • Solid Wood Furniture by Momčilo Ostojić, Design MOD (Serbia)
  • The Poetry Machine by MRKV (Serbia)
  • Lito by Natali Ristovska (Macedonia)
  • Avlia - Furniture System for Children by Nataša Njegovanović (Croatia)
  • Mod-You-L'Art by Neli Štrukelj (Slovenia)
  • Innovative Baby Dresser 3 in 1 by Nemanja Kiso (Serbia)
  • Project MUSE (Mobil Unit School Easygoing) by Sonja Rodić, Petar Blagojević (Serbia)
  • Contain_R by Radostina Stankova (Bulgaria)
  • Copper Mirrors by Ruxi Sacalis (Romania)
  • Rot by Sanja Rotter (Croatia)
  • Plato:Republic by Sara Pavleković Preis (Croatia)
  • Shesign by She:You (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • The Dogleg by Sonja Rajić (Serbia)
  • (+/- )(more/less) object by Stefan Nešić (Serbia)
  • Strachina by Studio mud. (Romania)
  • Časovnik by Tak kolektiv (Slovenia)
  • Pola by Tàman/Janja Roškar (Croatia)
  • Clavicle Suffix by Valentina Stepan, Zoran Kranjčec (Croatia)
  • Autumn Leaf by Veronica Olariu (Romania)
  • Eclipse by Veronica Olariu (Romania)
  • Wood W Chair by Vlad Oană (Romania)
  • WM Toy Cars by Vlad Oană (Romania)
  • Construction Stacking Low Tables by Zoran Mojsilović (Serbia)
  • Hay Chair by Zoran Mojsilović (Serbia)
  • Stand Side Table by Zoran Mojsilović (Serbia)
  • Petal Lamp by Zoran Mojsilović (Serbia)
  • Construction Candlesticks by Zoran Mojsilović (Serbia)
  • One Day Stand by Željka Zrnić (Croatia)

Project organisation:

Balkanska dizajn mreža (Balkan Design Network), innovative platform established by Mikser Organization from Belgrade, Croatian Designers Association from Zagreb and Public Room from Skopje, with the aim of articulating and providing strategic support for the development and promotion of the Balkan design, raising awareness of the importance of design in the processes of social and economic development and promoting design values in region, as well an on international level.


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Project is supported by European Union, program Creative Europe and co-financed by Ministries of culture of Serbia, Croatia and Macedonia.