New flourishing brands on horizon

In the last decade we are witnessing increased design initiatives and multi-layered design practice around region (Balkan) in terms of education, festivals, commercial presentation and even a formation of an official design network ( Balkan Design Network), which helped most of local designers become internationally represented and more appreciated in their countries. Due to this fact there are newly formed design studios and increased number of free lancers who started their own brands and have successively positioned them, their products and services on the market. This trend of fair production and fair trade is emphasized in the last two years in the countries where design practice is deeply embedded in the system as practice. Due to that fact lot of concept stores, café’s and other alternative forms of commercial design representation have become “cool” social places.

When talking about blooming makers I envision very hard working, brave, intelligent designers, generally 25 to 40 years, are real producers, traders, whose assortment is highly admired by the local consumers.

Blooming business

Statistics from regional design shows and fairs points out that each year there is increased interest for local design products. National furniture fairs, bazaars and other forms of commercial presentations abound of people who are eager to attract fresh design brands since the audience loves what they do and how they present the same. In absence of original product offer at the local markets by the big  and global companies, the small local brands get most of the attention from the local and international community. 


On the sixth edition of Skopje Design Week special attention is given to the blooming makers, a superior category of design and production studios and individuals from the entire Balkan, whose assortment deserves to be internationally promoted. In order to motivate their further development SDW2016 will give national awards in two categories, the best blooming maker, a young Macedonian brand and a best student design.


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