YBD Residency program

Balkan Design Network project consists also of series of residency workshops and practical training pursued in cooperation with the leading regional design manufacturers as well as networking and promotional activities.

Three production companies from Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia will be selected to take part in the residency program, carefully matched with young professionals chosen by the Jury:  

Aleksandra Stoyneva (Bulgaria)
Ana Babić (Serbia)
Elena Vassileva (Bulgaria)
Filter (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
KREDENCA team: Jernej Koželj and Matic Lenaršič
Marko Petrić (Croatia)
Niko Crnčević (Croatia)
Tvrtko Bojić (Croatia).

All three one month residencies will take part in Zagreb, Belgrade, and Skopje in the period: November 2015 until May 2016.
The whole process will be monitored by YBD team and professional designer - mentors.

Residency is beneficial both for designer and the company, as it will provide much needed practical education and self-realization for designers, while it delivers research and design strategies that would catalyze companies’ success. Based on resulting design strategies and specific production capabilities of the host companies, designers will propose and realize products that will be developed according to the agreement with the producer. During the residency designers will also volunteer in the host design institution. At the end of each residency, participating designers, mentors and company representatives will present the cooperation experience and achievements to a wider audience (design community, general public, and SME-s and public authorities) in each city.
After initial designs have been developed during the residency, designers will continue collaboration with the companies (on-line, visits) till the final design is developed.

Residency Designers and production companies will be asked to produce reports about their experiences during the residencies.
The names of the companies will be announced in September 2015.