"Young Balkan Designers 2016: New Analogue" Regional tour exhibition selection

"Young Balkan Designers 2016: New Analogue" called for design projects − products, concepts, services and scenarios that are bringing human touch back into design process and manufacturing, linking them directly to materials, crafts and techniques available in the Balkan culture.
Selection of 15 projects designed by artists from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey will be presented at the festivals and exhibitions in the region.

{trikoN}, Ema Nikolova (Macedonia)

Autumn Leaf, Veronica Olariu (Romania)

Casovnik, Tak kolektiv (Slovenia)

Chivilik Hanger, FILTER (Vedad Islambegovic, Ibrica Jasarevic, Kenan Vatrenjak)

Construction Stacking Low Tables, Zoran Mojsilovic (Serbia)

Contain_R, Radostina Stankova (Bulgaria)

Creating me slowly, Marjana Tkalec (Croatia)

Ilkas Favourite, Anna Barbieri, Christian Daschek, Luis Daniel Pozo (Austria)

Marginal Objects, Dijana Vojak Pokic (Croatia)

Pebble Pot Family, Aristotelis Barakos (Greece)

Project MUSE (Mobil Unit School Easygoing), Sonja Rodic, Petar Blagojevic

Rot, Sanja Rotter (Croatia)

The Poetry Machine, MRKV (Serbia)

Tilsim, Berilsu Tarcan

WM Toy Cars, Vlad Oana (Romania)


Project organisation:

Balkanska dizajn mreža (Balkan Design Network), innovative platform established by Mikser Organization from Belgrade, Croatian Designers Association from Zagreb and Public Room from Skopje, with the aim of articulating and providing strategic support for the development and promotion of the Balkan design, raising awareness of the importance of design in the processes of social and economic development and promoting design values in region, as well an on international level.



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Project is supported by European Union, program Creative Europe and co-financed by Ministries of culture of Serbia, Croatia and Macedonia.